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Lakshwadeep Samundram Packages are organized annually in Cruise which kicks off Effective the mid of October Each year and continues up to Mid of April. The best way to reach is by boarding the Cruise which serves as your accommodation and means of transportation from Kochi.
All departures are fixed and guests willing to travel to Lakshwadeep may contact us for departure dates and availability-

Your transportation and overnight sleep will be in AC Cabins in the Cruise, while your cruise travels to the various islands.
Each morning you embark on a new Island and by evening you are back to the Cruise for dinner and overnight and ready to take you to the new Island…

Its the simplest and most effective way to cover Lakshwadeep utilizing time in the most optimum manner-

Here is a brief itinerary-

Day 1 – Report by 10am

Day 2 – Kalpeni

Day 3 – Kavarati

Day 4 – Minicoy

Day -Reach Kochi by 12 noon

Rs.2000/ – Rs.2500/- per person payment on the island If you want to do scuba diving

On the Islands, Water sports like Snorkeling, Kayaking and Fabre glass boat rides to see marine life, all meals, travel permits included in the package.
It is advisable that guest arrive a day or two in advance and spend a day at Kochi- so that they are in time to report for the cruise boarding formalities.
Reporting time is at 10:00 am at Kochi.

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